Vera - Albino jill, believed to have been born 2013.

Vera is a very sweet, gentle girl, who has spent most of her life in a wildlife rescue with her best friend Duchess. Vera must be homed with Duchess and preferably be homed where they will not have to mix with any other ferrets.

They desperately deserve their own loving family to dote on them.

Vera is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Vera (2)

Merlin & Smeagol

Merlin & Smeagol were born in 2014.

Merlin is a polecat coloured hob. He is a cheeky boy! He loves to play and will sometimes nip. He does get very exicted!!

Smeagol is a dark eyed white hob. He is a soppy great flump of a ferret. Very sweet and affectionate. He loves to explore, but loves to cuddle too! He MUST be fed a raw balanced diet once a day. I think in secret he does eat kibble, but not very much of it and he needs a home who will keep up his raw feeding. He must be homed with Merlin as they are a very bonded pair. Smeagol has a slight issue with his pelvis, apparently a hang over from poor nutrition as a kit. Although this does not cause any day to day issues for him, it does mean he is utterly useless at begging! So please don't ask him to

These boys must be rehomed together as a bonded pair.

They are both microchipped, vaccinated and castrated.

Smegal and Merlin Oct (1)
2018-02-11 Venus


Venus was born in 2017.

She is a very pettite and pretty jill. She is blind in one eye (due to a birth defect). She needs a very knowledgable home due ot her tendancy to get herself into difficulty - for example believing she can fit herself through a 2cm gap and getting stuck! She did have "Bywater Syndrome" following a self-inflicated crush injury, but has recovered fully from this. She can sometimes be quite nippy.

Venus is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

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